Sunset Hammock

Images / Description

A monumental environmental public art project in the City of Tamarac is homage to the Everglades, creating awareness about its importance in the ecological balance of the south Florida region. The art project renders saturated moments in time as the day reveals itself, increasing in intensity in color, view and connectivity to the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. This concept for a public art sculpture in Sunset Point Park, Tamarac, explores the expansiveness of the Everglades, the juxtaposition of infrastructure transposed on the delicateness of epiphytes on a modular rhythmic red aluminum structure, including a 20ft x 3ft periscope oriented towards the Everglades, Sunset Hammock integrates the adjacent wetland, community park and includes an educational children’s art program with Young At Art Museum. This project has been awarded an NEA Our Town Grant and is currently in progress at City of Tamarac’s Design Build RFP Public Works Department.

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