Daytona Beach Gateway

Images / Description
A respite within the city, shaded and peaceful, the Daytona Beach Gateway project merges art, infrastructure and sustainability for the city of Daytona Beach, Florida. Located at the International Speedway Boulevard intersection, the project is carefully crafted to create an overall gateway to the speedway, recalling history, celebrating the future and working with the environment. The program considers three fundamental elements, an iconic sculpture, a pedestrian bridge and a series of stepped landscape. The sculpture consists primarily of concrete and a water feature that mists and sheds into a pool below, the water recirculates as it is pumped back up over the sculpture through solar pumps in the wet season. It is approximately forty feet at its highest point and is intended to be visible from the end of Main Street. The sculpture’s formal language provides a strong reference to movement suggesting that the natural environment of Daytona Beach is a series of fluid spaces constantly moving through its well-known infrastructure. The bridge not only allows for walking, but also biking, fishing and watercraft can activate the flow underneath the bridge. The stepped landscapes mediate between intervention and natural landscape and provide a space for contemplation, gathering and engagement.  An education component talking about the system will be provided so that pedestrians can engage in a dialogue about the sculpture, along with changing exhibits along the bridge, constantly linking the viewer and the community.

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