Hudson River Project

Images / Description

The Thames and Hudson Rivers project was a 3 year program that offered opportunities for artists and architects to create public projects for the regeneration of the Hudson River waterfront between Battery Park City and 59th Street in New York City and The Thames River Waterfront to foster development of new urban parks in NY City and London.

In the first phase, artists Lothar Baumgarten, Marie Jose Burki, Constance De Jong, Stefan Gec, Roni Horn, Inigo Manglano-Ovalle and George Trakas were commissioned to conduct research and to create new public artworks for the rivers. In the second phase designers Margi Nothard and Nasrine Seraji were commissioned to explore open ended conceptual approaches addressing the larger urban issues along the waterfront. Margi Nothard's project is the conceptual exploration of the meaning and opportunities of this water edge to draw people from the city out to the edge. The edge fragments into zones that are programmed depending on their local condition: bike path, running track, bus stop, car parking, elevated walkway, skinny garden, newspaper stand, places to sit on, places to tie your bike to, places to get shade from, places to arrange to meet at. The zone becomes a visual link to the neighborhood and a virtual link to the river. It will take on the scale of the pedestrian, the car and the city as a whole.

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