Young At Art Artwork

Images / Description

Young At Art Artwork is a series of investigative drawings from an artist’s point of view of the end of the development for the Young At Art|Museum Broward County Library, a project by Glavovic Studio and AECOM.  The process of starting and ending the design of a building includes numerous complex stages. Through BIM (Building Information Modeling) designers, consultants, clients and contractors coordinate and share aspects of the project, from materials and systems to assemblies, in a series of data embedded complex drawings. Artist Margi Nothard deconstructs these drawings in order to retrace premises of the project and to reveal elemental architectural ideas such as line, color, form and point of view.  Scenes from around the building and site are explored, elements are extracted and objects are exaggerated or implied. Color is juxtaposed and landscape is merged – the building is one with the earth.

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