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Permanent Impermanence, New Star Façade

Located at the edge of Young Circle ArtsPark in downtown Hollywood, Florida, Permanent Impermanence, New Star Gallery marks its presence by means of a prominent façade over an existing simple volume.  Commissioned for Artist Margi Glavovic Nothard, an Art Installation in 2005, Permanent Impermanence, New Star Façade was conceived as a temporary installation as part of a show of Glavovic Nothard drawings titled Urban Transformations.  This installation considers change and risk, effect and value, especially in the context of the ArtsPark, the prominence of this existing building on Young Circle and value of Art in change.

Intended to be demolished after 6 months the two story building holds commercial uses in the second floor and the gallery on the ground floor. At night the awakening façade utilizes acrylic clear pipes and LED lighting in commercial PVC tubes of various lengths from standard hardware stores.  In addition galvanized off-the-shelf steel pipes, form a lighted lattice that is perceivable from a distance signifying the destination of a small cultural and economic codependent destination.

Sustainable alternatives are employed and still available seven years later.  Risk/value/options/speculations enable options to be explored.  Recycled materials raise our awareness of process and value. Also included in the installation:  Graphics and Signage and drawings exhibition, see Urban Transformations.

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