Delray Beach Gateway

Images / Description

This project is a collaboration which formalizes the simultaneity of various systems, such as the natural and the urban, in a negotiated context in which is present a unique collaboration between artists and community, infrastructure and landscape, today and tomorrow. Located along a major vehicular artery, Interstate-95, in Delray Beach, Florida, this project aims to create a gateway environment through the linking of existing systems to provide a creative experience for all using Art as the strategic tool to clearly distinguish this community from others along I-95. The concept considers an approach to the future and suggests a place where the city’s desire to create a strong gateway/entrance, the sense of community expression and cultural identity merge through landscape and art as monument on the edge of a highway between two neighborhoods and a freeway. Ideas for urban redevelopment include the modification of an old train station for a center for Urban Systems Study and Intervention, and an artist studio residency program. The history of place ties to an agricultural legacy and to current water systems from the everglades, to which the proposal responds with a program for a greenbelt recycling nursery to the west and a flower market, community gardens and open-park to the east adjacent to northern and southern residential communities. An outdoor exhibitions bridge element celebrates the past and the future while providing means to travel across Atlantic Avenue. Cohesively, the proposal connects history, culture and landscape through the development of a master plan, systems and a strong design element.

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