Thin Moment and Fat Moment

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THIN MOMENT: The Thin Moment is an electric vehicle charging bridge attached parallel to the 405 freeway, in Santa Monica, California. It includes a radio station that obtains energy from photovoltaic cells and incorporates projected image surfaces for advertising. The Thin Moment offers and extreme architectural construct of this condition in LA and renders form to a complex exploration of the phenomenal and the image. Its' partner, the Fat Moment, renders that moment of extreme consideration and explores this through program and the inversion of form as road and house as public.

FAT MOMENT A vertical mall embedded in the median on a single family neighborhood, a shifted ground ARCHITECTURE IN LOS ANGELES HISTORICALLY RESPONDS TO AND IS DOCUMENTED BY REFERENCE TO THE CULTURAL, POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC CIRCUMSTANCES OF THE CITY. IN THIS METHODOLOGY LIES A TELEOLOGICAL DOCTRINE THAT MASKS THE PERCEPTUAL REALITY AND THE PORTRAYAL OF LOS ANGELES AS A MYTH. THIS MASK HAS DEVELOPED THROUGH TIME AND IN OPPOSITION TO TIME BY THE COMMODIFICATION OF THE CITY SINCE ITS GENESIS. Thin Moment and Fat moment is a project conceived as part of Margi Nothard’s Master’s Thesis at SCI-Arc in California, receiving the Top Graduate Thesis award in 1992. In 2002 it was selected by SCI-Arc as one of the top 30 thesis projects in 30 years of SCI-Arc and was part of a national travelling exhibition. Links:

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