Sailboat Bend

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2017 AIA Design Award Winner Sailboat Bend Apartments is a seven-story, 105-unit affordable housing for seniors, which boasts an artful, exceptional living environment, on the New River in downtown Fort Lauderdale, with walkable, sustainable and connected spaces for the residents.
It was originally built in 1971 for seniors and designed by Hecky/Yee Consulting Architects + Angelo P. Lucio, Architect. Spanning 76,500-square-feet, this residence consists of efficiency units, one and two bedroom units and a community room to comply with UFAS and ADA requirements.
In 2015, the Sailboat Bend underwent substantial $8-million dollar renovation involving gutting the interior units. 
The project parti explores the intersection of two major project elements, the existing concrete grid modules of the bedroom units and the new applied curtain wall and storefront systems, comprised of the building envelope and the horizontal ground plane elements which established a new applied colorful lightweight grid on the project inspired by landscape, light and views. 
These two primary project elements are altered, adjusted and maintained on both the North and South facades and within these grid systems, an array of options for views, solar orientation, energy efficiencies and layers of three-dimensional manipulation of the perimeter enclosure are explored.  
Landscape is incorporated into the visual scrim of the building as an abstract line as well as a lush physical experience in the provision of two major park areas on the southeast corner and the northwest sides of the site along with a promenade linking the east and west in the new plaza on the South side.  A virtual landscape is embedded in the ceramic frit pattern in the glass which provides additional shade in the glass and a greater level of privacy.  Each unit has a unique view and point of view.
Common areas on the ground floor are provided with places for gathering and community activities.

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