Wells Residence

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Determined to modernize through architectural adjustment, the Wells House, originally a 1947 Florida house in Victoria Park, Florida, is an ideal demonstration renovation project that celebrates the experiential qualities of living in Florida vernacular masonry construction with a contemporary lifestyle. The conceptual plan was to borrow light, space and color from the outside; beginning by sensitive removal of interior partitions, followed by the implementation of materiality and the creation of links and connections to views and the retention of key existing elements, the project is realized. The exterior modifications are subtle and suggestive, contemporary landscaping and lighting and a community bench suggest the relationship of the individual to the whole.  Unique fencing links the project landscaping to views inside.  The kitchen is center of the living experience and is completely reconfigured and expanded.  Decks and living are connected and bathrooms become sanctuaries.  Materiality is explored and South Florida living is celebrated.
Nov 2005. “Southern Hospitality, Innovative Touches in the Modern Florida Kitchen” by Lloyd Jackson. HOME Magazine

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