Time Out – Beach House

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Located on a rocky shoreline in the Atlantic Ocean, at the entrance to the Alewife Brook in Maine, the site for the Time Out Beach House exemplifies the exquisite juxtapositions of our world today. The wild blueberry, lobster laden and warm humid summers of Maine, seem somehow too easy to conjure up the perfect house. The site was carefully chosen to enable manipulation towards creating and integrating a naturalized realm to be incorporated into the house. The design engages and gives back to the site, becoming habitat as the northern side of the site is carefully sculpted to increase the water access areas so marine life can arrive at hatcheries under the house where a fishery accommodates the female alewives that once used to be plentiful in Maine but now are seldom seen in the rivers. The east side creates sound chambers capturing the ocean’s ambiance and funnels it into the house, exchanging sensory experiences and providing a welcoming sense of place.  In addition the project takes a sustainable approach and uses local materials, industry and building methods as well as makes maximum use of natural daylight and winds for cross ventilation. Lastly, grey water is collected, stored and reused for irrigation and plumbing fostering the idea of depending on the land, interconnection of building and site, and embodying sustainability as a methodology for exchange.


July/August 2010. Esplanade Magazine

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