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The Hollywood Academy of Arts and Sciences (HAAS) Charter School is for the education of children in an innovative and creative urban environment and sought to become a new paradigm for an urban school in downtown Hollywood. This proposal celebrated this goal through architectural expression of this, both in terms of its location in an urban community on the edge of a Cultural Landmark:  connected to the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood and the ArtsPark at Young Circle, and due to its prominence in an Historic neighborhood.  Through its architectural form, an environmentally responsive façade, and its conceptual relation to other significant projects in downtown Hollywood and its program, a project Feasibility was provided by Glavovic Studio.  The building’s mass, a three story block with a setback fourth floor, becomes a transitional element between the fifteen story high rise towers to the west and the two to three story residential projects to the east. The architectural form of the building is based on a series of classroom modules, which accommodate various levels of students and program and are integrated into shared community spaces.  The interior corridors are wide and include visual access to the exterior, bringing in natural light. Materials are in the tradition of contemporary South Florida masonry construction. The façade modulates the form with solar filters, creating a hierarchy inside and outside and legibility for a program of sustainability for the school.  The roof is green.   The project looked ahead, being proposed in 2005.  


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