Hollywood Café

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Hollywood, Florida is a vital cultural, recreational and outdoor urban community.  Downtown Hollywood is a destination with a walkable urban core of restaurants, cafes, retail and the ArtsPark.  Hollywood Café is situated on an important North West corner of the highly regarded Young Circle ArtsPark, at the intersection of Federal Highway, Young Circle and Tyler Street.  It also anchors the redevelopment of new residential development to the North West, transitioning to the residential community on the north of the downtown area.  The challenge was to develop a low/maximum three story building and create a destination.  

A simple plan and a complex skin.  Glavovic Studio created a bold statement to resonate on the Circle, celebrate the corner and draw Clients to the Restaurant.  It borrowed language from the neighborhood, creating a unique sense of place, whilst also celebrating its sense of presence.  This is achieved in the manipulation of light and skin.  The skin takes its cue from the 1950’s metal and concrete brises soleil still standing – these provide building modulation and shade within the buildings and along the street in some cases.  This contemporary interpretation of the South Florida experience extends the sidewalk adjusting the context of the corner providing an energy to the street that captures the spirit and vitality of the neighborhood and the ArtsPark to which it is adjacent.  

Glavovic Studio also proposed this environmentally responsive characteristic which sets the café apart from the high rise buildings and fast paced traffic that typifies this zone. A mixed use program is incorporated with a natural flue and inner courtyard within the building to further develop the space – economically, spatially and connecting to the Parking Structure to the North.

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