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LOCATION: 700 and 750 SE 4th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
CLIENT: AIDS Healthcare Foundation

ON3RD is an affordable housing project designed by Glavovic Studio for the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF). This project serves as a model for a sustainable, economically-viable and dignified solution to the national crisis of housing affordability. Located on one and half city blocks in downtown Fort Lauderdale, the project consists of two new structures – a fifteen-story residential tower and a new parking structure – as well as two existing buildings that are currently owned and operated by AHF.

With three landscaped plazas, a major east-west promenade, and multiple microgardens and landscaped terraces, the project is a series of active and passive spaces – a living campus linking buildings and creating a healthy, walkable urban space. The L-shaped residential building, located on the eastern part of the site, houses 680 modular, single-occupancy micro units as well as 600 260-square-foot apartments and eighty 400-square-foot townhouse units. These units meet the minimum zoning and building-code requirements for one-bedroom units and can be built efficiently using conventional masonry construction systems for the South Florida environment.

The building’s second skin – cladding made of decorative masonry breeze blocks – gives the building texture and scale while also modulating sun and shadow to provide passive shading and cooling. Glavovic Studio undertook careful calculations of solar orientation and potential heat gain to create the design, where the building’s west façade has the highest concentration of breeze blocks. The breeze block evolves from a balcony wall to a screen to a full masonry wall, depending on the solar orientation of the unit, extending the unit’s living room wall to the exterior and capturing the qualities of the light, while orienting the project to the environment. The expanded floor slab creates a balcony that provides shade and lowers each unit’s ambient room temperature by providing shade.

One of the goals with ON3RD creating an “architecture of place” in South Florida. For the neighborhood, this project enables interaction with existing commercial users, residents and guests, creating pedestrian continuity and midblock entryways. The project ensures a high quality of life for the residents and long-term project longevity with building materials and use of space in a community-minded pedestrian-oriented environment.

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