Dynamic Systems Gateway

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Located adjacent to the Fort Lauderdale- Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dynamic Systems Gateway is a concept for a model of responsible sustainable public art. The project evokes the place it is situated in and adds a positive, healthy connection with its natural and social environment. Its intent is to draw attention to what distinguishes South Florida and especially Broward County as it reveals, promotes, and references the region’s rich history and natural environment; the indigenous, not the exotic, is important and beautiful.

The site is affected by various natural systems, water, plants, and sun, the project becomes a part of the area’s infrastructure by connecting these systems through a sustainable cycle carried out by a scheme designed for minimal maintenance. Currently, the site is key to collecting storm water runoff from the surrounding impermeable airport and road surfaces which is then discharged into the Dania cut-off Canal, the system incorporates storm water treatment through a native landscape filtration system that will help improve the quality of water before it leaves the site and travels to the canal, and eventually the intercostal Waterway. This is significant as untreated water from this area is a direct source of pollution to the natural waterways that serve parks and nature preserves in the area. The system is powered by solar panels that ignite a water pump system withheld in a concrete structure intended to develop patinas. It is anticipated that organic growth will emerge in the wet seasons as the project is meant to evolve with the place.

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