Sears Town Vision

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At the geographic heart of a near downtown Fort Lauderdale center, Sears Town enjoys a privileged location but lacks a core; the center is void.  It is central to neighborhoods on four sides, a potential future passenger rail and a greenway rail, the largest recreational park in the city and is the visual culmination of the Federal Highway and beach intersection. The original 1954 structure, its sweeping curves and vertical end points celebrate the movement of this intersection, the idea of a lifestyle in South Florida and the potential to inspire.  The project re-envisions the area and utilizes the concept of the unit to redevelop the site. The units therefore become tools for redevelopment, they are living units, play units, cultural units, performing units, social units, retail units, and the aggregate of the units reconnects the community, incorporating landscape, form and light in a new paradigm. The project also incorporates an urban design framework reinforcing connections to neighboring communities as well as setting Sears Town as a visual marker from downtown while fulfilling its original mission to invent and invigorate a new urban center.



2006 “Shopping for Ideas” by Randall Robinson. HOME Magazine Fort Lauderdale

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