Outside_In House

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The concept behind the Outside_In House is to provide a home for contemplation and          connections to the world within and to the world around us by means of transitory spaces that awakens the senses.

Otherwise a simple two story structure in a series of Floridian townhouses originally built in 1962; the Outside_In house distinguishes itself by the elements that animate its façade in addition to the preoccupation of taking a sustainable approach by using rapidly renewable materials and materials manufactured regionally, as well as steel with a post-consumer recycled content. Once inside the warmth of the natural wood utilized in the exterior is perceived as it enters and embraces a simple and open double height space, allowing glimpses of openness upstairs, and a beautiful lake view directly ahead framed through sliding glass doors. The space opens up to layers of glass as the kitchen and dining room transform the space into a place of entertainment and exchange. Upstairs, clerestory glass, which enables complete flow from bathroom to bedroom to workspace; cupboards serve as walls, the floor is a territory and natural light is the ambience. The concept of transitions in the interior is a reflection of the path to arrive to the house, a trail filled with anticipation and seduction as one leaves a world to immerse in another.

2010 “Best of Both Worlds” by Susan Friedman. Florida Life + Travel Magazine.
Oct 2011 “Outside-In” by Hilary Lewis. Tropic Magazine.

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