GR Residence

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The GR residential renovation, a 1949 Florida house demonstrates how sensitive adaptive use of an existing structure can create a contemporary architecture without dramatic change to the vernacular existing building.  This project embodies the concept of a lifestyle directly connected to the outdoors, framing views that travel further than the immediate adjacent spaces, whilst adding only 800SF.

An organic construction is created using a lightweight steel frame that embraces the rear of the residence utilizing a courtyard buffer space in between the interior of the existing residence and proposed addition. A façade for the office in the front of the house provides a presence on the street giving a clue of what is to come on the inside. The semi-open space allows for breezy walkways to transition between the existing and the addition, providing a cost effective ventilation system and maximum natural light. Variable adjustable screens provide expandable sense of enclosure and a sense of a larger space and outdoor rooms alongside the pool.  The secret garden and bathroom on the east side of the project provide for a private and expanded experience unique to the house and potential users.

February 2005. “Transitional Spaces: Living Inside Out” by John O’Connor. Esplanade Magazine

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