Moving Picture Offices

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Moving Pictures is a company that rents equipment, services, and office space to the film industry.
The site is an integration of this experience of diversity and multiplicity.  It merges industry, commerce and private living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

In hiring Glavovic Studio, Moving Picture sought to accommodate a relaxed, “green”, and energetic work environment by utilizes an intermix of programs in its interior and draw an analogy to its context.

The design follows a 10’ by 10’ grid utilizing a simple warehouse typology with a standard Butler steel frame system that is elevated on a concrete plinth.  In Florida sites are typically level to a lesser or greater extent.  In this case, the site section forms the basis of the interactive program and sustainable approach to the Project.  

The landscape emerges through the building and allows for an elevated volume to be the iconic representation of the company. The building aims at being an urban contribution through careful consideration of the larger context – the building to the street edge and landscape and transparency are mediators between private and public.

Pods of private spaces afford separate user’s unique experiences, rentals.  The entire building is naturally ventilated with interior gardens. The project is uniquely related in scale to the adjacent community, situated in a residential community, it posits an option for light industry and work, play and change.

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